They’re famous now but who else was once on the dole?

by Alyssa

The dole has helped many people in the creative industry. Some you may recognise as big names in the creative industries.

Early in their careers, they ended a little help and they got it. The welfare system kicked off their careers, giving the much needed time and money to focus on their work.

In an earlier post, we mentioned Wil Anderson, an Australian comedian who was previously the host and executive producer for the highly successful advertising show, The Gruen Transfer series and later spin-off’s such as Gruen Nation and Gruen Planet, as well as the host of popular podcasts Wilosophy and TOFOP and all round talented stand up comedian. Without a helping hand from the government in the form of welfare payments in the beginning, there may not have been the comedian we now know and love as a nation named Wil Anderson.

Someone else that would have got lost in the works had there not been an accessible welfare system in place is none other than Bernard Fanning of Cold Chisel fame. The band member himself stated in an article titled Australian Idle that “My career highlight would be going off the dole, being able to earn a living.”

Many other people who are now successful have been on the dole at some point in their lives, including Emma-Kate Croghan, writer and director of the 90’s low budget movie Love and Other Catastrophes. 

Many notable Australians have been on welfare in order to get their careers going and we need to continue to make sure that the system stays accessible because you never know where talent may be lurking.

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