Community Art

by Alyssa

Creating art doesn’t just require financial support from the government. Community support and engagement is very much a part of the process.

Places like the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, North Sydney Community Centre and other centres around Sydney and wider Australia are thriving hubs for creative types of all levels.

These centres offer support for artists, musicians and all sorts of creative types. They provide an outlet and creative working spaces for people, accessible by everyone.

The “learn or earn” debate eliminates the chances for people to pursue their dreams. People ar either required to be employed or study.

Creating art, performances and other such creative works require time and commitment and working or studying often detracts from this.

Having these spaces where people can retreat to and work with like-minded creatives offers a small respite in the busy working day chaos.

They provide workshops as well as a community that fosters creative growth and because they are not exclusive, people of all levels and economic backgrounds can participate and pursue their talents.

Social art and culture should not be limited to those who can afford it as this will effect the overall landscape. Talent can come from anywhere and any person. These community art spaces allow artistic participation and expression from everyone and ensure that creativity still maintains a local base.