The Art World Fights Back

by Alyssa

“Learn or earn”. This is the message that the Australian government is telling the public.

Either study or be employed in some form of work. There is no in-between.

The proposed changes to the current welfare system would see little time given to artists to work on their creativity.

As we all know, good things take time, particularly when it comes to the creative arts.

We have sayings that support this idea, sayings like “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Things of quality, things with enduring legacies, things that  have real cultural impact don’t just happen overnight.

They require time and effort.

The government’s insistence on creating a society of workers will put a severe dent in the creative market.

The creative industry, however, has fought back.

The proposed changes and funding cuts to TAFE institutions hasn’t stopped artists from the Licorice Allsorts arts group from charging ahead.

When state government funding was cut only one year into their three-year course, the Arts class decided to take matters into their own hands and exhibit their work themselves.

The group showcased their art at The Old Courthouse in Wollongong.

With artists taking initiative and overcoming adversity, it begs the question of how much more can be done with government aid.

Government funding cuts would see an Australian society absent of the creative arts.

We need to keep funding and keep the welfare system accessible so that everyone has a chance of pursuing their creative talents and not limiting it to only those who can afford it.

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