Another win for creativity!

by Alyssa

It appears that the government has backed down with some of the changes they proposed earlier in the year.

The government has made the decision to scrap the requirement for unemployed people to apply for 40 jobs per month.

Instead, it will stick to the current requirement of 20 job applications per month.

However, those seeking unemployed benefits will still be required to undertake 25 hours of work per week.

If this isn’t considered a win, then us here at #dontcutcreativity don’t know what is.

While we are thrilled with the dropping of the 40 jobs per month application, we believe that more can be done to keep the welfare system open to everyone, especially to benefit creative minds.

Requiring people to undertake 25 hours of work per week would seriously cut into the time they could be channeling into their creative work.

The fight isn’t over. With more public engagement, we can let the government know that we want a creative Australia, not just a society of labourers.

Help keep creativity alive by backing the welfare system and keeping it open to everyone.

Nonetheless, this is still a massive move forward for the creative community in Australia.

Tell us what you think about the changes in the comments below!