Creativity Is Here To Stay

by Alyssa

Creativity is the essence of society. It colours what would otherwise be a mundane experience. Not only does it generate innovation and new ways of thinking about things but it allows people to express themselves in different ways.

Welfare schemes give people the chance to chase their passions. It allows people the time and the financial resource to forgo the mainstream, investing their time and energy into their craft rather than being preoccupied with full-time work.

A society without creativity is a society without culture.

Here at #dontcutcreativity, we recognise the need for government funding and accessible financial assistance to keep creativity alive in Australia.

But more than that, we recognise the community spirit and the fight that people have put up to make sure that creativity remains a part of Australian society.

So here’s a shoutout to all he community funded groups, the people who take their time out to work with other creatives, our supporters here at #dontcutcreativity and anyone who believes in the creative spirit of Australia.

Creativity is so important to our cultural fabric and we should never, ever allow ourselves to become simply a society of “learners” or “earners”.

Thank you to all our supporters.

Don’t stop the fight. Creativity is worth keeping in Australia.